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Latinos and the Environment | Dimension Strategies
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People and groups working on environmental issues would be well-served by building their base of support by first engaging the Latino community.

These numbers from a November 2016 Sierra Club national poll tell us why:

  • 82% of Latino voters report that they would prefer the U.S. to invest in clean, renewable energy sources rather than fossil fuels.
  • Just as compelling, 77 % favor setting a goal for all U.S. energy to be produced from renewable sources by 2050.
  • 71% say that it is VERY important for the U.S. to meet its commitments to the 2015 Paris Agreement to fight climate change.
  • Nearly half of Latino voters (45%) report that they or someone in their family has faced asthma that could be linked to environmental factors.
  • 94% believe protecting our land and water is critical to our economy and the ability to maintain and create jobs now and in the future.

Latinos are the fastest growing electorate in the US. Millenial Latinos identify environmental issues as one of the most important in deciding how they will vote. Dimension Strategies can tell you more about how to engage them in your efforts, contact Dimension Strategies here.

Tony Massaro, Founding Partner