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Colorado’s Latina Vote | Dimension Strategies
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The affect women and young women have on voting and policy decisions within their Latino circles of influence is often overlooked.

Data released by the Latino Data Project in their 2016 survey illustrates these nuances:

  • Latinas comprise 50.5% of the eligible Latino voters in Colorado.
  • In 2016, Colorado saw an increase of 24% in Latino and unmarried women voters.
  • Latinas tend to vote at higher rates and vote democrat more than their male counterparts.
  • On economic issues, 71% of Latinas expressed their willingness to support elected officials or candidates who support a greater government role in family friendly policies.
  • Latinas are big influencers within their own families. Their opinions matter.

Acknowledging the role of women, from teens to seniors, in political and policy decisions is a critical step in gaining trust and consistent participation. Dimension Strategies has years of experience engaging women and their families and can assist you in developing your outreach strategy. Learn more at

Dusti Gurule

Founding Partner

Dimension Strategies