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Millennial and POC Voters Making the Difference! | Dimension Strategies
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The organizing philosophy of Dimension Strategies is simple.

The base for progressive candidates throughout America begins with People of Color (POC). They represent the most supportive group for progressive candidates and progressive issues. The second part of the base for progressive candidates are millennials. Want proof, let’s look at the Alabama Senate race won by Democratic candidate Doug Jones last December.

WomenDoug Jones is now a US Senator in large part because of African American women.

According to exit polls Jones won 96% of the African American vote and an astounding 98% of the African American women vote. And African Americans made up 29% of the total electorate. That last number is particularly remarkable. President Obama, in 2012 saw African Americans make up 28% of the electorate.



Now let’s look at millennial voters. Young voters, 18-29, made up only 13% of the vote for Jones compared to 18% in 2012. Older voters tend to turn out in higher percentages for special elections like the Alabama Senate race so that lower number is not unexpected. But Jones won a remarkable 60% of the millennial vote. Why is that remarkable? Because Obama won only 48% of the millennial vote in 2012. Jones outperformed Obama by 12%.

African American voters elected a US Senator from Alabama with a major assist from millennial voters. That is the core of the progressive base in Alabama and around the country. This is the type of data that inform the organizing approach of Dimension Strategies.

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